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Jean Martin


It's all about Me

I have been doing photography in some form or another since I was a child.  My grandparents gave me my first camera as a gift.  Unfortunately, I did not have any formal training until I was an adult, and that was with my film camera.  I learned to how develop black and white film, I loved seeing that image come up in the developer. 

I began photographing on a regular basis when my daughters were in sports.  Megan played basketball and was a cheerleader all through her school years.  We went to a lot of competitions and I loved to take pictures of the girls doing stunts.  Leah was a soccer player from pre-school through her college years.  We traveled a lot with her various soccer teams and met a lot of sweet girls that could turn vicious on the the pitch.(Leah included)  I loved taking action shots of the playing The Game.

I did have a dry spell there after all of the sports were done. My husband and I traveled and I was able to shoot very blue water, icebergs, mountains, and various animals. THEN came the weddings and the grand babies! I fell in love all over again with photography and have found it to be my passion, especially editing.  

Over the past few years I have photographed everything from tribute dinners, engagements and weddings, bridal and gender reveal showers, maternity, families, children, and newborns.  I have discovered that I like shooting 2nd I Dos, especially if the bride is easy going and open to suggestions, or has an out of the normal suggestion herself.  The perfect example is the Hardy wedding.  The bride and groom wanted their portraits done with a rusty old pickup truck.  I was excited that Stacy wanted those images. I believe I got a few tears over that one.

I have decided to make a change and no longer offer digital files.  After seeing the beautiful images on canvas and print, I cannot bear thinking about the UBS drives just sitting in my clients desk drawers, or stuck on their computers...sob! NO I say! Get those images up on your walls, ON your desk, so you can see those memories.  I know you want to, so I will help you design your wall display.  This way you, your family, and friends can see your memories captured.

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