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Jean Martin


Carlisle Area PA Photographer 

Families, Children, Women and Corporate Headshots

Capturing your memories 


Are you formal or casual, or really laid back? What room are you going to display your wall art?
Or are you going to just have your image displayed in a frame on a tabletop? The “in” way to display your images is to print on a canvas wrap and prop it on your fireplace mantle. Multiple images of different sizes on canvas or complimentary frames as a wall gallery. The room and its decor are key in deciding formal or casual wardrobe and session.

“What should I/we wear?” is the very first question I receive after someone has booked their session. I always say the star of the session, which for a family session is usually the Mom.
Mom gets to pick her outfit first, then everyone pulls colors from there. Loud prints, pinstripes, and graphics are a no-no unless it has special meaning to the family. Neutral seasonal colors are the best. Spring and summer sessions look good with pastels like, light green, light blue,
pink, white, and lilac. Fall colors look good in your browns, strong yellows, orange, maroon and dark blue. Christmas mini-sessions are great in dark red, dark green, dark blue, with some pops of yellow. I still get a lot of white shirt and blue jean requests, I personally love the look, but some stylists, bloggers, and photographers are saying that look is done. To me that is timeless, we all wear white t-shirts and jeans.

So what room are you going to display your art? Casual family room? Then go for a casual look like jeans, t-shirt or polo shirt. Throw on a blazer or jacket, now you have just kicked it up a notch. These outfits would compliment a session in the woods, at the lake, in a park, or in the studio. A more formal look would be ladies in a dress and men in dress pants with a blazer. Go all formal and the dress length gets longer and the man is in a suit. This would look great at “In The City” session. This portrait would look beautiful in a formal dining room or living room.
The possibilities are endless and really boils down to your personal style.

The first image on left is Jena and Jason, see how his out fit pulls out the colors in her blouse, while her print is on the bigger side, its is sporadic enough not to overpower.                                   The Adams Family (click, click) dressed for fall and they all have the same color palette.

                         The Dunwoody family is  dressed for success!