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pbj photography by jean llc

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As photography is an art form, and I hope to capture lasting memories that you will be ecstatic receiving,

satisfaction is not guaranteed.
All images are professionally edited by me at my discretion.
ABSOLUTELY NO raw images will be viewed, given, or sold.pbj photography by jean llc retains all copyrights.

Mermaid or merboy digital session

Do you or someone need a pick me up?

Do you or a special someone want to be a mermaid or merboy?

We can make it happen!  

You take the image with my guidance on your cell phone, upon my acceptance, I will turn the person into a Mermaid or Merboy.

You will then have one digital file sized for an 11x14 print and social media.

No person to person contact required.

I have several backgrounds available to customize your image, underwater, above water on a rock, on the beach, or in a beautiful bathtub (complete with bubbles). You pick the pose, with my guidance you take the photograph and then I will do my thing...boom....mermaid or merboy! 

I offer this at the most awesome price of


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