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Jean Martin


Carlisle Area PA Photographer 

Families, Children, Women and Corporate Headshots

Capturing your memories 


Smile like you mean it! I do like some candid or caught off guard poses, but we do want some where you are smiling.

However, don't be all "SMILE, SMILE" to the kids, ya know we have to do the reverse psychology on them. I like to see all hands and feet, especially on a full length pose. Ladies, position your belly button to your partners hipbone, it is a most flattering pose! Shoulders back, bring your head to me, now drop your chin ever so slightly. I know, it feels weird, but it gets rid of that darn double chin. You will hear this one particular directive pretty much the whole session.

A great way to slim our upper arms is to keep some space between the arm and the body. That is why you see so many celebs with their hands on their hips, but there are other ways to combat the upper arm battle. I'm working on some images with suggestions as I think this will make a great blog subject. Watch for that!