photography by Jean llc

Jean Martin


Carlisle Area PA Photographer 

Families, Children, Women and Corporate Headshots

Capturing your memories 


Smile like you mean it! I do like some candid or caught off guard poses, but we do want some where you are smiling.

However, don't be all "SMILE, SMILE" to the kids, ya know we have to do the reverse psychology on them. I like to see all hands and feet, especially on a full length pose. Ladies, position your belly button to your partners hipbone, it is a most flattering pose! Shoulders back, bring your head to me, now drop your chin ever so slightly. I know, it feels weird, but it gets rid of that darn double chin. You will hear this one particular directive pretty much the whole session.

For family sessions, I usually like to pose the parents first, then add in the kids. My walking away holding hands is the most popular, almost all families purchase that image.  

My newest sessions that I am  offering is for the ladies.  A day to celebrate you and all that you do or have done for your family. Book a session for your self, or add in Mom, Daughter, Sister or Bestie. We will have a fun time photographing you as you want to be photographed.  Do you need a corporate headshot, some funky shots with a funky outfit, how about a dress to twirl or pretty slip?  I have put together some posing tips for these sessions, directives you will hear during your session, are you ready to

You Look Marvelous?

Face to me, no, not your body, just your face, that's it, now chin down slightly, a little more, YES, that's it!

Bootie back, weight on your back leg

Smile with your eyes, relax your mouth

Model pose, hands on your waist, not your hips, now cinch your waist, keep those thumbs down, pin elbows back 

Ballet hands, nice and soft

Princess Elise, face to me, chin down slightly, hands to your side like you are going to lean back on a table, now bend your elbows

just a little and pin back

Working your side angle, pull up through your head to reveal your long, beautiful neck, relax your shoulders, tip your near shoulder forward a bit, bring your chin around to meet your shoulder keeping the separation. Now your back arm should be along your side, slide your hand up to your hip, pull back your elbow, WOW, that's gorgeous!

Add that to booty back, weight on back leg, and smile with your eyes