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Welcome to PBJ Photography By Jean LLC

My name is Jean, I have lived in the Mechanicsburg, Carlisle area my whole life. I love photography, reading, the ocean, but most of all...spending time with my amazing family. I'm married to a very supportive husband of 41 years. We have two beautiful grown married daughters with young families of their own. Our grand babies are the best...we think so anyway. Nothing thrills me more than when they come over and ask to work in Mam-Mam's studio. You may meet Jackson on a session as I think he has an interest in becoming my assistant, he has shown early on that he has "the eye". The grand daughters all love to be my models and trying on the special dresses. Our younger grandson will actually sit for a hot minute to get his picture taken.

I have a few assistants lined up, usually Marie my Mother, or Dean, my Husband. Leah may be helping out with the social media stuff, and Megan is my go to for set designs and overall sounding board. My brother Joe keeps me on the road and critiques my yearly calendar. I couldn't do what I love without the support from all of my family, they are my biggest cheerleaders.

One of the first questions I receive after a client books a session is "what do I/we wear?" Try to keep it to neutral colors that would match the room you will display your print or canvas. I adore turquoise, light green, blush, lilac, and brown. No prinstripes please, or graphics, unless it has special meaning to you. For your convenience I have added a wardrobe brochure to my website. If after reading it you still have questions I will be happy to take a look at what you have picked. Just shoot me a pic via text, or email of your selections. The brochure also has a few posing tips, like how to get rid of that dreaded double chin...it happens to the best of us!  The guys should get their haircut if needed about a week in advance so it has time to settle.

Location, location, location, I have a few favorites that I like to use, but no excuses, I can make anywhere work! Children's Lake in Boiling Springs, Messiah College, Stone barns, in the woods and my own yard are a few that I love to photograph, even the neighbors shed!

As photography is an art form, and I hope to capture your memories that you will be ecstatic to receive, satisfaction is not guaranteed. All of your images are professionally edited by me, not someone in China.  Your products are made in the good old USA. NO RAW IMAGES WILL BE VIEWED, GIVEN, OR SOLD TO ANYONE. PBJ Photography By Jean LLC owns all copyrights of all images taken, my clients receive a 

Print Release of images purchased.  Please read your contract carefully for all the legal stuff.

I want to give you a fun relaxed experience, so allow yourself enough time both before and after your appointment so we do not need to hurry through. There is only One photographer at your session, that would be ME, so please, please keep your cell phone off (no distractions ) in your purse, in the car, or at home.

Do you or a family member have something that has meaning and you would like to incorporate in your session? By all means bring it with you! Do you have a special location in mind? No problem!  Whatever, wherever is important to your and yours, we will find a way to work it in.

I love hearing the stories behind the locations and treasures that you bring. 

I look forward to seeing my regulars and I can't wait to meet some new families to capture  memories.


Capturing your memories

As photography is an art form, and I hope to capture lasting memories that you will be ecstatic receiving,

satisfaction is not guaranteed.
All images are professionally edited by me at my discretion.
ABSOLUTELY NO raw images will be viewed, given, or sold.pbj photography by jean llc retains all copyrights.